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2014 Romance Blogfest

BannerMy ebook novella, Wings Over Tremeirchson, is featured today on Apryl Baker’s 2014 Romance Blogfest! My novel may not strictly be a romance, but the main character, Neste, does have her share of guy troubles. She’s betrothed to Hoel, a match arranged by her now-deceased father. She does love Hoel, but there’s much about him to dislike. Adam, on the other hand, is good looking, quick with a warm smile, and always makes her feel important to him. Click on the FLYING HORSE BOOKS tab above for more summary and purchase information. You can get it for $.99 on Amazon or FREE on Wattpad! Don’t forget to head over to the 2014 Romance Blogfest and check out the other authors!


Novel Madness Winner 2014!

ribbonHunger Games takes the top spot!

The final round of voting in this year’s Novel Madness pitted Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins against The Candyshop War by Brandon Mull. My students listened carefully to both persuasive speeches and cast their votes. Hunger Games won with two-thirds of the ballots.



Author Angela Fristoe, over at Turning the Pages, is hosting a giveaway this month. By following my blog, you’ve already got a chance to win!

So with Danica McKellar starring on Dancing With The Stars, I began feeling a bit nostalgic. I loved watching The Wonder Years when I was growing up and the romance between Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper had me wishing for my own childhood romance :) That Danica went on to become an author and math guru made her a even cooler in my dorky opinion.

In celebrating the re-emergence of Danica McKellar, I’ve joined together with a few other YA authors to host a giveaway! Two lucky winners will receive a paperback copy of Kiss My Math by Danica McKellar! The giveaway begins today and continues until Danica wins or is eliminated from Dancing With the Stars.

From the author of the runaway bestseller Math Doesn?t Suck, the next step in the math curriculum– pre-Algebra.

Last year, actress and math genius Danica McKellar made waves nationwide, challenging the “math nerd” stereotype and giving girls the tools to ace tests and homework in her unique just-us-girls style. Now, in Kiss My Math, McKellar empowers a new crop of girls, 7th to 9th graders, taking on the next level of mathematics: pre-Algebra.

Stepping up not only the math, but also the sass and style, Kiss My Math will help math-phobic teenagers everywhere chill out about math, and finally “get” negative numbers, variables, absolute values, exponents, and more. Each chapter features:

- Step-by-step instruction
- Time-saving tips and tricks
- Illuminating practice problems with detailed solutions
- Real-world examples

- True stories from Danica’s own life as a student and actress

Kiss My Math also includes more fun extras–including personality quizzes, reader polls, and real-life testimonials– ultimately revealing why pre-Algebra is easier, more relevant, and more glamorous than girls think.

There are multiple ways to enter including the option to tweet daily. The listed end date is subject to change and winner will be announced within 48 hours of Danica’s win or elimination from DWTS.

To enter, click on over to Turning the Pages!

Novel Madness Finals 2014

booksToday my class debated the four remaining titles in our Novel Madness contest. Then they voted! The finalists for this year’s Novel Madness competition are:

Hunger Games

by Suzanne Collins


The Candy Shop War

by Brandon Mull

Collins’ book has been nominated every year (this is the third year of Novel Madness) and never won. This is the first nomination for Mull’s book. I find it an interesting pairing. Hunger Games is much more Young Adult, but maybe more popular because of the movie. The Candy Shop War is middle grade. In order for it to be represented here, a lot of students had to have read it. The final debate will happen on Tuesday, and we’ll crown the winner shortly afterwards.


Novel Madness 2014

readerOn to Round Three!

Below are the winners of our Round Two Novel Madness for this year. Students worked hard to revise their speeches to address the opponent’s side for the new book.


by Marissa Meyer
Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins
Sea Of Monsters
by Rick Riordan
Candyshop Wars
by Brandon Mull

Candy Shop War

warCandy Shop War by Megan and Shiv

Have you ever wanted to eat magical candy? In The Candy Shop War, 4 kids embark on a journey with candy gives magical abilities. The Candy Shop War is the best book because it is easy to get hooked on, it teaches life lessons, and it shows that teamwork can accomplish goals.

The Candy Shop War grabs the reader right into the book. Kids like candy like nothing else. This makes it a fun book to read. The description tells you a lot about magical candy and the story in an interesting way. It tells you how kids can defy gravity and shock others. It also keeps you on the edge of your seat. When Ms. White imprisons Trevor, Brandon Mull describes the book so that you feel like Trevor felt. The detail is so incredible it makes you feel like you are there in the book.

All the fans of The Candy Shop War say that the book shows more life lessons. In the book Nate and his friends find out a stranger they thought was a friend is a bad guy. This shows that kids should not listen to strangers. The Candy Shop War also tells kids to trust their friends and family. Even if they do something wrong they are just trying to help you. A lesson all kids should learn is to never give. Sometimes giving up is worse than losing.

The Candy Shop War shows many kids working together for what they think is right. When Nate and his friends are getting the watch for Ms. White, someone has to make sure no one sees them. Another person has to help Nate get into the building. They all watch each other’s backs. In order for Nate and his friends to stop Ms. White from getting the treasure, they have to make sacrifices. They have to do this secretly which is hard for a single person, but as a team it is easier. When everyone tries to hurry out of the burning barn, even the bullies help each other. They try to get Denny out so he does not get burnt like a crisp by the flames.

The Candy Shop War is extremely catching and will easily become your favorite book the instant you read it. This is true because The Candy Shop War will pull you right into it and the book teaches life lessons. This book also encourages teamwork. So The Candy Shop War is the book you should vote for, right now. And maybe someday you will get magical candy too.


Sea of Monsters

monstersSea of Monsters by Carina and Suvir

Think of yourself attacking Cyclops, searching the world for the Golden Fleece, and saving over 300 people. Rick Riordan takes you to an imaginative world in this incredible novel. The Sea of Monsters is thought provoking and attention grabbing. It offers humor, continuous action, and loads of descriptive details.

The Sea of Monsters includes serious amusement. To start with, Percy’s group of friends come to the amusement park and try to rescue Grover from the Cyclops. They discover he is wearing a pink wedding dress. When you read those words on the page, you laugh your head off. Next, when the huge Cyclops locks up Percy’s friends, the Cyclops acts like a two year old with the sheep. He talks to them like babies. Another reason why this book is hysterical is because instead of choosing Grover to be the Cyclops’ spouse, he chooses to marry Clarisse. Now Grover is the one laughing. The characters in this novel have the funniest personalities, from Grover getting married to Tyson the clueless Cyclops.

The Sea of Monsters also offers nonstop action. To start off, when Percy reaches Camp Half Blood, a gigantic bull attacks camp. This chapter has you on the edge of your seat. During the attack, you witness Percy’s five senses. Rick Riordan has you imagining the entire scene in your head. Another part of the novel with action was when Percy and his friends were escaping the Princess Andromeda. You feel Percy’s emotion while he sneaks on to Luke’s ship. While Percy and his friends escape, you cross your fingers through the whole page. Finally, when Percy and company take Grover and start running away, the Cyclops chases them. You feel like a Cyclops is chasing you, and you want to run. You breathe a sigh of relief when Percy throws a rock and traps the Cyclops.

The Sea of Monsters has loads of descriptive scenarios. Around the beginning of this novel, Percy is attacked by bullies at his school. They are really part of Kronos’s army. Instead of being students, they are really Laistrygonian Giants. Also when Percy and his friends go into the Sea of Monsters but survive, they notice Clarisse’s ship in the wreckage. Tyson is presumed dead. Riordan’s use of vocabulary explains Percy’s emotion well. He was sad, and you feel it. Finally, Percy and Annabeth escape to an island called C.C.’s Spa and Resort. Riordan makes you think the spa is grand from Percy’s eyes.

To sum up, The Sea of Monsters is truly an astonishing novel. This book offers constant humor, ongoing action, and strong descriptive details. When you finish reading this unique story, you’re going to want to read it again and again. Choose Sea of Monsters as your Novel Madness winner today!


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